Thursday, January 21, 2010

What is the best nail polish?

That's under $7What is the best nail polish?
OPI is still the best color .

Whole sale price about $ 4.5 a bottle ( for proffesional only ) , retail price $ 8 %26amp; up .

The best way is go to Asia Nail salon if you r thier regular customer you may get it for $ 7 ( include tax ) .

Otherwise use this treak : take alook at thier nails station pick up any used bottle ( just few times used ) and ask them for discount you may get it for under $5 .

Good luck

Lisa Nguyen

Cosmetologist at Nail club %26amp;Spa -colorado

(Waxing , eyelash extensions ,facial , nail care , spa pedicure in colorado )

http://www.nailclubspa.comWhat is the best nail polish?
go to your local drug store and look around

o.p.i isn't under 7 dollars... its like 10 per bottle unless its on sale
sephora or aerie
china glazzeee


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