Saturday, January 23, 2010

What color nail polish?

i have really fair skin with freckles. i mostly want a colored nail polish for my toes since my finger nails are naturally pretty white. i tried a darker blue, but it came out too black looking. i was thinking about a dark red. would that work and should it be dark or a little lighter? if you have any suggestions on a color i really like nyc polish. thanks =]What color nail polish?
a nice neon green, orange, red, possibly even purple! With fair skin you can have those really bright colors and not look weird with really oddly bright nails. I loove nyc nail polish 2!! Lol :)What color nail polish?
omg! Sorry, but i wouldn't recommend using NYC polish. First of all, it is tested on animals! I used to always buy it, but when I heard that, I stopped. Now I use Sinful Colors. It is not really cheap, you don't need like 20 coats, as you do with NYC, and more importantly it is not tested on animals! :)

To answer your question, I think for your skin tone, it would be best to use a lighter color with a pink-ish undertone! Hope I helped! :)))

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I am very pale too and always used to just use clear nail polish because everything else washed me out more. Definitely stay away from dark colors. My favorite color of all time is ';Italian Love Affair'; by OPI. It is a light pretty pink and i LOOOVE it!!!
Coral pink! It'd be super cute on your nails. I can't use that color because it's even too light for my skin haha. So for your light skin color, go for that color. Make sure that you have a nice curved and slightly long nail!
hmm i really don't know about red because i have dark skin and i wear a dark red nail polish but i would go with a peach maybe like a light pinkish color

or u can try a red like a lighter color of red you know.

that's just my opinion
pink. try a lighter pink. i also have fair skin so i know what looks good. a think a teelish blue too.

How about bright pink? Or golden nail polish? I have fair skin too. You can get golden Milani nail polish.
I'd go for a warm orange colour or a warm pink colour because the really stand out.
In the middle dark red. Not to dark or to light. But I think tooo light will look bad!
neon colors are really in right now.

try oranges, pinks, greens, purples, yellows, blues :]
i think pink nail polishes will look great on you!


like a magenta color.
It should be lighter
can u eat meat?
i love red, black and hot pink

thats all i wear

u should try the red. orange is cute 2.
I'd go with lighter shades so you don't look goth. Apple reds, medium blues, teal, even sparkles.
i would make it either sky blue or light red very light red
lime green. I love lime green it's pretty
with the spring coming at us full blast try the pastels and for the summer go bold and bright
i think a little lighter color would be nice
dark red
Pink =]
id go with a bright red or hot pink!
depends on outfit(: !

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