Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why does my dad wear nail polish?

is that normal or gay? it's only the clear sparkly kind that turns pink in the sun light :)Why does my dad wear nail polish?
There could be several explanations for this. He could be protecting his nails, which is common for men to do, especially if their job requires them to use their hands a lot. About the color, it is a little different for a man to use such a ';fun'; color but, his choice of nail polish does not dictate is sexual preference. Maybe he didn't know that this polish which looks almost clear in the bottle would have a different look once he put it on his nails. Once you've thought about this, I'm sure you'll decide that the best thing you can do is talk to your dad. Open communication is the way to go. Good luck to you.Why does my dad wear nail polish?
There could be a whole range of reasons :

He likes the colour

It makes him feel good

It's the start of a cross dresser

Harden his nails

The list goes on.

Your dad's funny lol in a quirky way
He probably wants to have nice fingernails. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

If it had a bold color, that would be kinda awkward =/
How old is your Dad and what town do you live near? I at times wear black polish but then I have long red hair and I live in Hollywood CA.
Maybe he just wants something that will help his nails to grow but couldnt find any clear nail polish
wow. he's either just found out he is gay or he is a cross dresser.
Lol. If he still kisses your mom and still seems in love with your mom then your fine :)
Sounds pretty gay to me.
he might be metrosexual ; he likes taking care of himself
alot of men do that they get manicures and pedicures
Maybe his nails are brittle and that is all he could find? It happens.
Maybe it looks good on him ask Mom, or he just might have a fetish
Your kidding right?
Don't ask us ask him!
thats odd
i mean its a lil odd.. but whatever floats his boat:)
he is trying ti get intouch with his femine side?
because he has changed his mind about being straight (AKA, he's gay)

Maybe he has a secret life as a drag queen.
i am sry little girl but i think ur dad is gay not trying to be rude or eny thing though
That is ghey
thats kinda weird....

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