Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What is a really flirty nail polish color?

PINK WITH A LAYER OF GLITTER ON TOPWhat is a really flirty nail polish color?
Pink or red. Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What is a really flirty nail polish color?
OPI has great nail polishes. They have tons of different colors and collections. Try opi.com

A flirty color could be like pink, red, and mabye alittle purple.
Any pink, light blue, neon green, red, and other bright colors. When I paint my nails all different colors, guys notice and say it's really cute!
bright red!!!
any color that reflects YOU! i favor black of red.but for you i would suggest a sexy shade of red.or a sultry nude color.depending on your coloring you should choose a bright or opaque color.if ur using glittery polish, make sure its a good brand,cheap ones tend to streak and go on uneven!
really bright pink. or light pink.
Pink it up baby !

I love this one !!


and sparkle it up , buy sparkle polish ..also for lips to match !

Red nailpolish is the worse!
Red is a good color.
Shiny light Purple.....period
Neon Green is hot hot hot.
Pink or none just a clear coat
A lightish-darkish shade of pink in a French manicure.


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