Thursday, January 21, 2010

Does wearing black nail polish make you goth?

i wear black nail polish and ppl call me goth. but the only reason i wear it is cuz i want to stop chewing my nails. its the only color that i can plainly seeDoes wearing black nail polish make you goth?
normally no but in your case hell yesDoes wearing black nail polish make you goth?
Ok ummm dont wanna be but wut the hell it doesnt make you a goth alot of prep ppl were it even girls who arent gothic and girly dont listen to them there just gay so yeaa =DD BLACK NAIL POLISH ISNT GOTHIC

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I'm not a goth and i wear black and some times i paint my nails that color. Black is just another color that gets stereo typed too much. I say if you like it wear it. People shouldn't care what other people think.
no, i used to wear black nail polish and im not goth. i know someone that does too and their style is more retro. it's cool =]
No, but to others you may appear to Gothic like.
try red or blue! blue is a nice dark non ';goth'; color
No my girl wears black polish all the time and shes definitely not goth. Shes weird but shes not goth
no if people think that its there own fault.
Thats bull ****. It doesn't mean you are Gothic if you were all balck clothes, paint you nails black or whatever. All it means is that is what you like! Go head girl! Let em talk and just ignore it. You know why you were the nail polish so screw everyone else!

Your not a ';goth';. Don't listen to the people that say that, they're assholes.

I hate to be mean like that, but I hate people that steryotype like that.

And so what if you were a ';goth'; in those peoples eyes?

People should respect you for who you are and you shouldn't have to feel like you have to feel embarassed by wearing black nail polish.( I'm not saying that you are a ';goth';, just hypatheticaly speaking.)
nooo! of course not! have you saw all of these supermodels who wear black nail polish because they are wearing a black outfit??? If the talking is bothering you...switch to a bright red...or stick your fingers in nail polish remover and don't wash them... it will have a horrible taste and you wont want to remotley put your fingers towards your mouth! =)
No i wear black nail polish and I am not Gothic. Gothic is a style of clothing, anyone can wear black nail polish. Once I was pre-judged that I was Gothic just because I wore black nail polish.
No, goth is a lifestyle and a state of mind. Wearing black anything doesn't make you goth. Don't worry about what people call you.
if u dont want to look goth .... try putting sum glitter nail polish on top to balance it out a little
No,only if u wear balck all the time and no other colors and u act like how they do.I ware black polish to just because I like it,but i'm not goth,and my bff always wears black shirts in blue jeans it's because it's skimming,really only u can tell if your goth!good luck
no, it dosent u have to feel goth to be goth (isnt black the emo color 4 fingernails)
Umm hello i am gothic. And if you dont wear all the black clothes and shoes then no your not. Dont wear black nail polish chew gum
no my friends were black everything they r emo but it doesnt matter preps were black 2
no **pick me 4 the best answer it was simple**
thats actually a really smart idea.. when they say your a goth then just tell them no im trying not to bite my nails.... if there good friends they'll understand
lol i guess but when wearing black nail polish wear bright clothes like flip-flops i don't think goths wear flip-flops
no just wair wat ever color u want........... peace DJ Daggy Daggz
ummm... sorta???
No just because you wear black nail polish that doesnt make u a goth. Goth r people that has lots of piercings , always wear black and purple and look like thier tough.
No it doesnt make you just means you have black nail polish on...
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