Saturday, January 23, 2010

Help Nail polish remover on skin problem?

last night i put fake nails on for halloween and got some nail glue on my face i used nail polish remover which it said on the internet to get it off with but then my face kind of swelled a bit, Today its gone but i got like a nasty scratch is it ok? What do i doHelp Nail polish remover on skin problem?
Using nail polish remover on ur face was very bad for ur skin and nail glue shld b used very carefully! The scratch is likely to b from rubbing the area too hard resulting in a friction burn. Keep it clean dont pick it and if it doesnt look any better in a few days go to the doctors just to b on the safe side. Hope it gets better!Help Nail polish remover on skin problem?
yes it will be fine, just keep it clean and it will heal.
no its always wrong.

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