Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I hate nail polish ,do you?

I hate nail polish!

i hate nail polish, do you?

i think it makes women look like cheap floozysI hate nail polish ,do you?
I like my nails natural. Nail polish ruins your nails if you use it for too long anywayz. They get dried-up, stained and nasty.I hate nail polish ,do you?
I don't like it on my fingers because I can always smell it for hours after I paint my nails, and it's too much trouble for me to paint it, plus I only like clear or pink polish on my fingers, and what's the point of that???

I do like having my toenails painted tho... then they don't look all gross and discolored in my sandals, and it's a whole lot easier to hide in socks and shoes than to hide your fingers... lol
i love nail polish.i think that when you dont take care of it and let it chip then it looks cheap.%26amp; you should use a high quality nail polish.but as long as you take care of it then its wonderful!
I love nail polish!!! But I admit if you don't matain it and keep it up it looks cheap and dirty. And also only tasteful nail polish applied in a way that looks good.

Hope I answered your question! :)
depends.. chipped nail polish sucks badly, i have a habit of painting my nails then removing it immediately, only stuff i stick with is french tips :P
i cant keep it on i bite it of :(

LOL! Nail polish in a normal color is good. But I hate when ppl paint their nails in bright,neon colors. Fake nails are the worst.
oh man do i love me some nail polish! i think it looks soo pretty when it matches your outfit! plus i just love the way it looks and makes me feel..

i hate painting my nails but i like having nail polish handy because its boring having the same old colored fingernails!
Nooo i love it! I think it gives us creativity %26amp; some like french manicures make us look clean and graceful
i'm wearing some black nail polish right now, and i must say...i love it.
I only like black nail polish =)
i love nail polish its fun. it can make outfits look better its an accessory
nope nope nope, i like it

i like color on me cheyuh
I love it
yea it does i still love a french mani though
haha funny you should say that because ive just finished one hand..

love it!
nope i love it
nope, i love it!

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