Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Guy do you like when girls were finger nail polish?

I like girls that are smart enough to know the difference between ';wear'; and ';were';

Oh and I don't care about fingernail polishGuy do you like when girls were finger nail polish?
Like said above boys don't really care about nail polish as some girls do.(:

Not saying it goes unnoticed though, my boyfriend thinks it's absolutely ahdorable, when I'm painting my nails while on the phone with him, however I have some guy friends who are just like ';Why the heck would you girls paint your nails green and yellow? Just the whole freakin rainbow it's not natural man!'; Haha so it goes to say that most guys don't seem to care but there are those on the like and dislike sides.Guy do you like when girls were finger nail polish?
guys pay attention to the overall appearance.

its like - ';oh, she's hot.'; or ';oh, she's ugly.';

not like ';oh, she's hot, but her nailpolish is chipped.'; or ';she's fat, but she has a pretty face.';

unless it has to do with your body. that's why they come up with things like ';butterface'; and stuff.

that's pretty much it. they don't usually pay much attention to little details.
yes, looks likes the girls really care about themselves
Either Way,Both Ways Your Still Pretty. And Its Doesn't Matter If You Do Or Don't.
HMM well it depends on the girl, but either way is fine :D
i dont think guys take much interest in finger nail polish
Doesn't matter in the least.
they don't care.
Im sorry, but Im a guy and I dont care! lol
i agree boys dont care
honestly thats not wut we are lookin at
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