Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Replacement for nail polish remover?

had a long night..woke up with my nails painted...cant find any nail polish remover. is there any other household items that will help remove it?Replacement for nail polish remover?
if you still have some nail polish you can reapply it and then remove it with a paper towel.Replacement for nail polish remover?
use ur nails(if they are long and hard enough) or just use a paper towel with soap
Rubbing alchohol is your best bet, but won't do much. Also try simply filing it off (this will result in thinner, more brittle nails, though)

You're probably better off just heading to the closest drug store and buying a bottle of nail polish remover.

Or paint over it! Haha

I hope this is helpful, and good luck!


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