Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What color nail polish?

I'm going to a wedding mid month and I'm wearing a soft tangerine summer dress. I'm not quite sure what color nail polish I should wear on my tootsies. I'm wearing a peep toe shoe, so my nails will be shown. Any ideas. I know red isn't quite the right color. I usually wear red. Thanks!What color nail polish?
A soft tangerine or french manicure will look perfect.What color nail polish?
Do Pastel-y colors!

A soft peach, pink or orange would look lovely. Stick to warm pastel colors, and make sure it is more translucent than opaque.
Either try matching your dress or try a real soft violet. That will look too cute!
If you want to follow the colour wheel, here are some colours you could try:

A nice blueish green (or any blue that works with your skin tone) is opposite of the oranges on the colour wheel, meaning they compliment one another.

If blue is too bold, reds will actually work. They are adjacent to the oranges. You could go with a colour in the orangey-red family, or you could even look at a purple with some red in it.

If you would like to go neutral, you can never go wrong with a peachy colour, or a nice chocolate brown. A yellow would also work too.鈥?/a>
Perfect. A soft tangerine is great!!!

Try doing matchy matchy, wearing two colors especially for a wedding might look crazy!

Or, try a plum nail polish.
Either a sheer peach/tangerine color or a french manicure! Just a lil hint of color is always best with soft summer shades.
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