Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is white nail polish in style?

haha i just painted my nails white like an hour ago.. I switch it up pretty often, I personally think any color can be ';in'; as long as it goes with your personality and skin tone!Is white nail polish in style?
ok well white nail polish is not considered ';out of style'; but because black, or other dark colors are a recent fad, the color whit, being the exact opposite is not the color that people are interested in at the moment...if you think about it..what i just said makes perfect Sense (all things considered) so if u wear white, don't be worries about it looking out of style or anything...because ITS not its just that darker colors are the colors that are considerd ';in'; at the moment!Is white nail polish in style?
Metallics aredefinitelyy the rave or off colors like blues and greens with ametallicc gleam but if your going for a less dramatic look try using natural shades ofmetallics. For dark skinned women I suggestbronzess and earthy toned. For a pale complected go with the more picks and silvers. You kinda get the idea of the in betweens. But not white is sooo like grade school and sadly black is as well unless your an outcast wanna be with low self esteem and the need to be different and ridiculed. I would also suggest my personal favorite which never seems to go out of style and lately has become all the rage where I live. Try going with a clear or cotton candy coat and then a colored tip withmetallicc and contrasting lines to divide the two.
i like white nail polish, its pretty awesome. i dont really pay attention to what shades of polish are in style or not. i switch it up and wear whatever i feel like wearing.
Not at all. If you want to try an in-style nail color go more neutral with a light gray or a more biege or taupe color.
at my school, yes

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I like white nail polish

but I like purple or black better

Who cares whats in style, trends are for insecure sheep. If you want to wear it wear it!
No, I don't see alot of people with white nail polish. But I like french manicures with white tips
i think bright vibrant colors are better. but white is fine if you want.

Black is more in I think. Or glittery nail polish. But if it looks good, I consider it stylish. MAKE SURE IT LOOKS GOOD!!

dark metallic colors are
naw red nails are in. pink nails too

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