Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Removing Nail Polish on Wood...?

Does anyone know how I could remove nail polish on a wood dresser without ruining it?Removing Nail Polish on Wood...?
I would try nail polish remover first with a small amount on a q-tip. Try not to get any remover on the wood just go slowly and work on the polish. If you do remove some of the finish on the dresser, there are wood stain pens you can get in the paint department at the home store to touch up the dresser.Removing Nail Polish on Wood...?
Unfortunately the only way to remove nail polish is with nailpolish remover or paint thinner. This however will also take off the stain or finish on the dresser. You best bet is to leave it alone if you can. If you need to remove it you can attemp it like this. Get a bunch of Q-tips and nail polish remover. Dip the q-tip in the remover but don't get it soaking wet. Gently and lightly start going over the nail polish. Continue to do this until you have the stain almost removed. Remember, do it slowly and lightly with as little remover as possible at a time. The minute you use too much pressure and too much remover you will end up going through the finish of the wood. Good luck!
The razor idea is a good one. there is a product called Goof Off for things like this and it works well. Check it out.
Acetone should remove the nail polish, however, it may also remove some of the finish on the dresser as well. You might want to try a razor scraper, then carefully scraping to remove the polish.

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