Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Does nail polish irratate or damage skin?

i was jotting down a few tattoo ideas, well drawings, and i read that if you just paint it on your skin like ink, it stays on for a few days. i also read simalar but you just write with pen then put on the nail polish .

im confused and i dont want it to hurt me or my sister ( cause she really wants one but shes 10. )

Any answers?

best on gets 10 points?!Does nail polish irratate or damage skin?
Nail polish itself should not affect, unless you leave it on the skin and not clean regularly. More likely not maintaining hygiene can cause fungal infections to the skin around the nail area. Remove polish regularly and keep nails clean. If you have a fungal infection use a good antifungal agent.Does nail polish irratate or damage skin?
Nail polish doesn't harm you I don't think, but I wouldn't advise painting yourself with it! It's for your nails and does have a few nasty chemicals that can't be good for your skin in large quantities for a length of time, but you obviously know its not like pouring acid on yourself, we all miss our nails sometimes and end up with a splodge on our hands but it doesn't matter. I guess you could do this just for 10 minutes or so to see how it looks but remember that nail polish isn't intended for your skin!

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