Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do BOYS like it when girls wear nail polish??

If so what color/s?Do BOYS like it when girls wear nail polish??
they usually like nails to be very clean so no dirt or ripped cuticles, and no nail polished chipped off. MOst of the time they like softer colors lik light pinks and off whites and french manicures, but if you feeling bold go with deep reds to show confidence, and if ur feeling peppy, enerjetic, or excited use bright colors like rihannas such as bright green and hot pink.Do BOYS like it when girls wear nail polish??
well i know that guys ive dated like when my nails are painted. they usually like red, pink and when i get french maicures. but make sure they arent chipped or badly painted. but remember whats most important is that your comfortable with your nails. if you dont like them painted dont paint them but if you like them painted paint them no matter what the color.
Yea. It will catch your eye. Blue, orange, or red are probably the best colors. Dont go real neon bright and if you wear red make sure it isnt like a maroon. If you are going to wear nail polish, make sure that it isnt chipped and you keep up with it =]
It's very attractive to show that you are interested in your looks.

To see that you made an attempt to dress up is attractive itself.

Any color is fine.
They really don't.

(well very rarely some do)

Guys like the face the hair the style and the body.

But some do have problems when girls have REALLY messed up painted nails.
i think so and it all depends on the length of your nails and what colors look nice on you and nice rings make your hands look better.
ya blue iz de best.

Sexy....its not bout the color, it wat the style is so even if a differ color makes them look hot n sexy. Depends on hu use it.
Well I would like my girl to wear not-so-bright colors that blind in with your regular nail color...
yea but don't do it for a boy you should do it for your self

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