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Whats the best nail polish color that screams ';i am polished'; for a business lady?

no french plz, i dont like itWhats the best nail polish color that screams ';i am polished'; for a business lady?
I like Hi Lilli Hi Lo from MacWhats the best nail polish color that screams ';i am polished'; for a business lady?
light colors muaves, pastels etc nothing bright like yellow orange you know...
well, going for a lighter color is best for chips and nicks in your polish. darker colors such as red are really wow %26amp; look great, but one little chip %26amp; they ';scream'; tacky! i would go for a more natural, lighter color for this very reason. as for precisely the color, it is best to look at what you like %26amp; what goes with your clothing.

i would suggest avoiding colors like green, blue %26amp; purple because they stand out WAY too much and don't suggest business woman.
a dark red or blue
Don't do dark blue, maybe dark red. Clear or flesh is good. As long as your natural nails are clean and well manicured, and not too long you'll be fine. If you don't like french maybe you should American. It is similar, but the tips are a more natural color instead of so white.
A great ';power'; color is OPI's I'm Really Not a Waitress.

For something more subdued, any semisheer pinkish beige should be fine. If you'll notice, many celebrities prefer this look for the red carpet events because any small chips they might get along the way are very hard to spot since the colors are pretty much the same as their nails, only glossier.

Pinks, oranges, purples or outrageous colors really have no place in an office type work environment. You want the focus on your brain, not on ';Halloweenish'; nails.
Red is always a very good color that lets those around you know you are a go-getter. Otherwise, a clear polished finish is classic, or a light off-white. Good luck, and have fun with it to mix and match your business wardrobe!
i would say go for red, or maybe even go for white. it is crisp and clean.
hot pink
French Manicure!

or a very like pinkish-white
Clear or fleshtone.
Something in the flesh tone family, then, if you don't like french manicure.
Here you can contact professional nail stylists at no cost, i think they will answer you much better :)
red, clear, brown, or light pink
For a business woman nothing can compare to French manicures, or cream sublte colors such as frosty browns. You can also get away with burgundys. But for a business woman you want to go with soft colors. A clear polish with a hellifying manicure will also do.
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