Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What nail polish color is the best?

looking for a fun color to paint my nails that is ';in'; right now!!! :)What nail polish color is the best?
Light pinks. Blues. Reds. And pink with sparkles on top is fun, but you have to do pink, clear, pink, clear, sparkles, clear. French tips are fun too, and they're easier then they look. Link in source...What nail polish color is the best?

this year i read pink is very OUT of style for this year and upcoming year of 2010...

in style this year is metallic nail polish colors. like golds and slivers, also metallic blue [like beyonce] or metallic purples. i read fashon magazines 24-7 so i no this is very IN-style


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black is always a good colour. alot of people think its only what emos and goths wear but its so not true.

take the hills for example, lauren conrad and whitney port are always sporting black nail varnish. Its stylish and goes with everything.

but I suppose if you are talking about summer colours i LOVE LOVE the coral/ orangey colour by barry M.

I am in love with purple. I have it on my nails and toes right now. Everywhere i go, the bank, the store, a shopping center, the train, women comment on them and tell me how nice it is. I love it. The color goes with any season.
Soft, springy pastels:)

I like pastel pink and blue.

Neons and brights are also in style right now. I'm wearing a bright coral color right now.

Answer my question please:);鈥?/a>
Coral with black tips :))) trust me it works.

answer mine?鈥?/a>
Hot pink and Bight Green every other toe

then french on fingers once your french manicure dries then add little Diamonds to the side off them like in this pic

hope i helped good luck with your nails

black with multicolored polka dots
Navy (dark blue ) is very ';in'; at the moment!


try a light pink with a yellow

trust me girl. that's the best color ever
Neon colors, I especially love pink and green.

Yellow's good, too.

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