Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whats the best brand of nail polish to use for a 14yro? :]?

in baby pink. its for my sister. shes not into make up so i wana get her something pretty basic, yknow. what brand would you suggest?Whats the best brand of nail polish to use for a 14yro? :]?
id say Barry m

the colours are really nice

you can buy them from boots or superdrug

xWhats the best brand of nail polish to use for a 14yro? :]?
I really like Orly, OPI, and China Glaze. China Glaze goes for about $5/bottle. OPI and Orly are usually a little bit more. Higher end polishes last a little longer, and are a little bit better formulated.

On the cheaper end of things Milani Nail Laquer (which can be found at most drugstores/Target) is pretty cheap, and the colors aren't half bad. For a nice light pink, I'd try She's So Glitzy, Pink Lady, Angel Pink, or Tip Toe Pink.


Hope this helps!
rimmel is very popular with teenagers and its very reasonably priced. about 拢3 for nail polish, available asda, sainsburys boots, superdrug and small chemists.
there's an unkown brand called Nubar, (search on google) and their varnishes last and last and last, or there's OPI or Orly (Orly are good for really funky bright colours)
natural collection at boots. they have a nice metallic sparkly pale pink. and you can get 3 for 拢5, or they're like 拢1.99 or something each.
i would agree with elle - barry m is a great brand. loads and loads of colours to choose from, long lasting and not expensive!
I'm 14 and you should get her one of the kind that change colors when your in the sun those are sooo cool
dosn't really matter

just get her some light colour or glitter nail vanish
China glaze, bloom or barrym. it doesnt really matter as long as its not tooo cheap. x

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