Friday, January 15, 2010

What takes off nail polish?

I've lost my nail polish remover. So what are some good things around the house i could use?What takes off nail polish?
Put on another coat of nail polish, then wipe it off. It will all be gone.What takes off nail polish?
Any product containing acetone or methyl-ethyl-ketone (MEK) will remove nail polish. This can include many paint-thinning or removal products, including lacquer thinner. However, these products can rapidly dehydrate human skin, and are highly flammable.

Consumer nail polish remover is actually 60% acetone. But the remainder is moisturizers and water to reduce the impact on the skin, and to make it safer to use....

also Acetone and alchol Do not peel the polish or your nails will turnbrittle also top of nail may peel off aswell.
nail polish remover [=
nail polish remover. it has rubbing alcohol in it.

seriously, u should know this.
acetone, the main ingredient of nail polish remover.
Rubbing alcohol.
try using alcohol...
well you should just look around your house with things that have a lot of acetone in them
acetone can be found in household products
nail polish remover..

u can get it at a store.
buy some more? maybe alchohol? like rubbing alchhol
any perfume would do just spray on cotton n rub hard in nails

nail polish remover maybe??

just a thought...
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