Friday, January 15, 2010

Poll: What is you favorite color nail polish?

mine is green:)Poll: What is you favorite color nail polish?
Black or pink. (:Poll: What is you favorite color nail polish?
I like this shade of pink:鈥?/a>

I like this purple:鈥?/a>

I like this yellow-y green:鈥?/a>

I like these blues:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

this black:鈥?/a>

and this red:鈥?/a>
In the summer I love getting a light pink from Essie called Spaghetti Strap

In the fall I like the color Berry Hard from Essie

In the winter I like the colors Sexy Divine%26amp;Navy from Essie

And for spring I always do French! [:
I like more classy colors.

I like really light pinks, or a french manicure. =]
Bright loud colours are always a favourite, but nothing goes past black. Classic.

dark dark blue

dark dark purple
i dontknow - but green is definitely NOT it
Well, I like a bright red/pink.
shinny navy blue!

i LOVE purple

or blue
wow mine too but i like lime green with a little design
BRIGHT ORANGE on my toes in the summer lol
mine is bright colors, i really love lime green %26amp;%26amp; bright pink.!

royal blue

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