Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What nail polish color should i use....?

what color nail polish should i use.

im have long brown hair, tan skin, %26amp; brown eyes. dont say it depends on what your wearing because iknow how to match nailpolish with what im wearing, but im talking about what will look best with my tan skinWhat nail polish color should i use....?
I think warm tones would compliment your skin tones the best. Look for warm orangy or brick reds, corals, warmer pinks, even browns, coppers, bronzes, and neutral sheer beiges.What nail polish color should i use....?
I would say purple! Try a deep purple close to a plum shade or try something more vibrant like a violet.
chocolate kisses


wicked sista

somehting that has to do with velvet

picket fence.


there are ALOT
I know it seems kiddish but my daughter does my nails and she paints them with glitter polish and it looks really good
A light pink or a lavender purple. With your dark hair, you should use light colors. Happy 2008!
silver or pale pink
I love the dark colored opi nail polish. That would look great. Colors like 'my private jet' or 'have you seen my limo' russian navy would also look good.
any colors of pink or mauve

stay away from red it is a brassy color that looks trashy on most...unless your a prostitute!
a rosy peachy pink
I would say FRENCH MANICURE all the way... French manicures go with everything, so you wouldn't have to worry about matching your clothes.

BUT if you want a color, I would say PURPLE or plum... something along those lines. Purple compliments brown...

*I know this isn't a part of the question, but if you want your brown eyes to stand out... wear purple eyeliner or eyeshadow (if you don't already do that lol)
fench always works...but try something taupe with a shimmer in it...dont ask me why...but I have always thought that a dark tan and a shiny nails was sexy
A wine red or shiny black.
lime green is so cute on tan skin! and its fun!

and pink:] one of those two
Red is the classic color.
Cerulean blue

Bright red

Dark purple

light pink. i think that would be cute.
French manicures go with everything, regardless of skin color and outfit, but if you're looking for a color, I'd suggest a warm brown color, eggplant, deep red (always classic, but avoid orange-based reds - they tend to look clown-ish). If you want a lighter color, you could maybe try a peachy pink (I was absolutely in LOVE with OPI's Day at the Peach for the longest time).

Avoid neons. You'll look like an overly done, too-tan Rhea Pearlman (think Matilda). ;)

Keep in mind though these are just opinions. You might be able to pull off something we warned against!
white or red

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