Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Glitter Nail Polish - where can I get some?

does anyone know where I can get some really really glittery nail polish from?

I want it to be as glittery as possible!

Thanks..p.s...I live in LondonGlitter Nail Polish - where can I get some?
Try going to Superdrug or Boots.

Or any supermarket you want, really.

xxGlitter Nail Polish - where can I get some?
Im not sure about london because ive never been there, but I know Hot Topic has glitter nail polish, and walmart does too (if you have a walmart or something like that, im really not sure x) )

Most Makeup stores have glitter nail polish I think

Sorry if im not that helpful
Boots or Superdrug, Go for Barry M nail paint amazing colours and very glittery
Get Sally Henson Diamond Strength they tend to be relly glittery! They do cost about 拢4 or 拢5 but they are worth it!
you mix glitter with nail polish. or buy it online, like amazon.com if your that desperate.
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