Sunday, January 17, 2010

Survey for the Ladies: What kind of nail polish do you wear?

Me: I am wearing a color called's like crimson red...really dark, which I love, it's either that or French manicure.Survey for the Ladies: What kind of nail polish do you wear?
I only buy OPI. It's kind of expensive -- about $8 a bottle, but it lasts forever. I don't have any nail polish on my fingernails right now, but I'm wearing a melon color on my toenails. I am such a freak when it comes to having my feet well groomed that I have not had my toenails unpainted for more than 2 weeks since 1976 -- longer than you've even been ALIVE! It's a sickness. 80)Survey for the Ladies: What kind of nail polish do you wear?
I usually wear clear, but when I want some color, I go straight for the dark blood red....
I love French tip, and my husband loves red! So I get french tip but in red not white!
Nice shades of pink and red.
clear if any at all
None now. Need to let my nails breath. I was wearing so much nail polish my nails were turning a yucky color. Now they are naked. Yippee.
French manicure on the finger nails sometimes light pink...toenails, depends on my mood...poppy red right now....
I don't wear nail polish It's too much of a hastle.
Usually ';Russet Flame'; but at the moment i have French tips.
au natural most of the time, when i do get them done it would be a light color so it is not noticeable when they chip
i use nail make up rather than varnish, it costs the same but stays on better for longer,doesnt chip and comes in fantastic colours you just dont get with varnish, chrome is my favourite, and it looks just like real chrome, it comes in shades of chrome too, pink is nice and so is the moonstone, bluey.
My toes are always painted red and my fingies are usually french too.
what kind... geez

I have a shoe box that is stuffed full of various different kinds

Depends on what I'm wearing
Pink French manicure
I have an American manicure on my nails.
i am wearing a light sparkly brown and a french manicure
I put polish on my toes. ( I love dark colours like what you described!) I don't wear polish on my finger nails. I wash my hands a lot so the polish comes off easily. I just stick to clear nail polish on my fingers..
I rarely paint them but when I do then it's a french manicure.
I don't wear polish.
mine is called ';country';...totally natural...can't even ell it's there
Any pretty shade of PINK when I have it....but it's been SOOO long since I've done my nails...I can never get them to grow so they actually LOOK nice enough to put nail polish on them =(

and I've always hesitated at the idea of getting fake nails even

if I had that kind of EXTRA money to do it and keep up with it, so I don't do anything really.... =(
i don't nrmally wear polish but if i do it's also french manicure, or a lilac type color

Good kitty...

: )
right now, i am only wearing on my toes (only wear it on my fingers in the summer)...anyway, it is a metalic purple.
Revlon reds and browns
clear- my school doesn't allow nail polish, so this is about the only way not to get caught. but i don't wear it for prettiness- i'm a nail-biter, and the polish helps me with my nail-chewing addiction :)
color: black (always) brand: Pettite, or whatever I happen to buy that comes in black.
Purple or blue
I really like the french tip, but other wise I wear a light pink.
French manicure every 2nd week !
I dont know what brand it is, what ever the salon uses. But right now the color is a Easter purple color.

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