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Is it ok to pray with nail polish on? and whats the conditions with the wudu when nail polish is already?


JazzakallahIs it ok to pray with nail polish on? and whats the conditions with the wudu when nail polish is already?
If you have made wudu before applying N/P its fine but if not you need to take it off then make wuduIs it ok to pray with nail polish on? and whats the conditions with the wudu when nail polish is already?
Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

As others have stated, your wudu' is not valid if you make it after you have applied nail polish. The nail polish is a solid substance that prevents water from reaching the nail. This is different from henna, which is a stain that penetrates the nail and does not create a waterproof barrier. Anything that makes this barrier, be it nail polish, or waterproof facial makeup, or a big blob of paint dropped on your arm while decorating, has to be removed. The exception is if you are injured and you have a bandage on your arm or head or foot that cannot be allowed to get wet. In this case you ';work around it'; and just wipe over the bandage w/ a damp hand.

It is a blessing that you ask this because it shows you want to perfect your prayer, so I do hope you have the desire to follow through now that you know this and remove any nail polish so you can make wudu'. Remember, what you did previously out of ignorance, Allah will forgive; if you refuse to remove the nail polish now after being told it invalidates your prayer, and thus your wudu', then Allah will hold you responsible and your prayers will not be accepted, astaghfirullah.

It is hardly worth the effort to make wudu' and THEN apply polish, because you could only keep your wudu' for a few prayers before you would have to go to the bathroom, or you might pass gas or sleep, so you would have to remove it before you renewed your wudu'. If you would like color on your fingers, you can apply henna, and inshAllah you can find some ladies in your community who specialize in that and you can have some nice patterns. You can even use this as a way of teaching your sisters in Islam - have a henna party and show them a halaal alternative to wearing nail polish.

May Allah bless you and help you perfect your salah, and may He increase you in beneficial knowledge, Ameen.

fi Aman Allah,

Nancy Umm Abdel Hamid
Salam for you Amina.No it is not allowed to make wudu while you have a nail polish on because your wudu will not valid if the water could not touch your nails directly.You must delete(get rid off) your nail polish before making your wudu .After finished it you can make wudu for praying.
Rule of thumb: anything that doesnt get off when you apply or use water makes your wudu invalid (e.g. nail polish, tattoo). I was putting on nail polish but have stopped since the day i began to pray 5 times. I find it more convenient, and clean. I do still get my manicure and pedicure but minus the nail polish to keep my nails clean and healthy.

You can have it on after you do wudu, you can't have fingernail polish on and do wudu because the water doesn't get under and on top of the hand and fingers...

Salam wa alaikum...

You can have it on after you have done wudu
i ve read it s cosidered as dirt on you fingers, so you are not pure in this case. i quit colorin my nails or even growing them. it s easier and cleaner. because even if small piece of something in under ur nails ur wudhu is not valid. so you can t really check that well if you have long nails.
Question: Can a woman do wudhu or ghusl without removing her nail polish?

Answer: It is necessary to remove the nail polish.
it's fine as long as you did wudhu and didn't invalidate it from before that time and the time that you start prayer


Allah(swt) knows best
Ask Aalim


I don't know
i don't think so..

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