Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How can u make ur nail polish not bubbley?

whenever i put nail polish on it always comes out bubbley idk yHow can u make ur nail polish not bubbley?
add a SMALL bit of nail polish remover into it. this will make it more runny, and it will go on alot smoother :)

don't use too much though.How can u make ur nail polish not bubbley?
If you are shaking your polish before you use it, that could explain the bubbles.

Gently roll the bottle between your hands and the mixer beads that are in the bottle will mix up the polish and bubbles will be a thing of the past.

You may also be applying the polish too quickly, use a slower stroke.

Finally, you may be using a cheap polish. OPI and Mary Kay polishes go on smooth, Dollar Store polishes do not.
dont shake the bottle. roll it upside down between your palms.

apply thin coats and allow each to dry completely.when you apply thick coats on top of each other before it dries you get gross bubbles on your nail.

you should start with a base coat,color,color and top coat.i personally apply 3 coats of color and also paint the tip of my nail

it takes me about 45 min to paint my nails. i never get bubbles in my nails and it last for at least 2 weeks without chipping( with household chores everyday and dishes)

edit- fyi i use ';cheap'; $1 NYC nail polish. ;)
add some nail polish remover, shake it and use it right away. It will help for a little while.

Or you can get a new one they sell them at target for a dollar at target.

good luck
Gah, I know. Try appling in slow streaks that move down. Perhaps even have a friend do the other hard-to-reach hand, because that's where the bubbling and varying thickness issues tend to crop up.
Yeah i think you should apply your nail polish slow.

Maybe your doing it wrong when you apply the nail varnish by going too fast
Sounds like your nail polish is getting a bit old. Try to adding nail polish to it, but probably won't last much longer.
Shake it first then apply a little
I totally agree with Mawia...roll not shake.

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