Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hot Nail Polish Colors for Summer 2009?

What are the hot nail polish colors or just one hot color this summer?Hot Nail Polish Colors for Summer 2009?
Okay in June's issue of Seventeen it says Hot Pink, Orange, Purple, Blue, Gold, and dark pinkish purple are the summer 09 colors.Hot Nail Polish Colors for Summer 2009?
Bright and neon! Why not try them out nice and cheaply here鈥?/a> also they glow under the UV light so fab also for nights out clubbing.
neon all the way

i saw a thing in seventen that showed you how to make your nails look longer and it had a bright plum for most of it and a neon green at the light curve at the bottom. a reverse french manicure kinda thing
Fishnet stocking red or Bordeaux red .. Mostly the red ones

the light green , yellow ...etc look really bad , it would look good at first then suddenly look childishly DISGUSTING =) gd luck
trust me neon colors even if you kinda think of Summer with them on... no go. I have this very cute sensible glittery white color SO CUTE! A ver light shade a peach would be ADORABLE!!!! A blue would be great.
navy blue

hot pink

bright orange





red white and blue(alternate each nail)

def not yellow or black

hope i helped
Uuuhhhhhh they are not specific ';hot'; nail polish colors, just pick a few that look good.
i would defiantly go with the neon colors
Neon all the way!

Hot pink, lime green, orange, grape ... they all look great on tans xx

Dark/Midnight Blue



I got some recently its so funky!


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