Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Black nail polish only for emos?

Is it acceptable for non-emos to wear black nail polish, or does it look weird if ur not emoBlack nail polish only for emos?
i rekon it looks ok depending on what you wear, dont wear all black if you do wear black nail polish or you WILL look emo, what you should wear with the black polish is

Big Sunnies

White short sleve shirt

Black skinny jeans


And some BOLD BRIGHT accessories

i mean you dont have to though... it would just look nice =DBlack nail polish only for emos?
Black nail polish looks great on anyone, not just emos.....
No it is acceptable, why should we not wear black nail polish just because emos wear it?

I think it looks great and even people like courtney cox wear it....shes not emo is she?

I think you should wear what you want and like and don't be put off just because other stereotypical people wear it!
i used to wear black nail polish at all times and people always thought im emo but who cares its sexy !
it looks good on anybody!
i am DEFINITELY not an emo - and i wear it. i think it can look chic with the right outfit. only on very short, neat nails.
it is ok to wear black nail polish if you arent emo it wasnt just made for emos
not really because it just depends on how you wear it and what type of ways you can show it for example when i use black nail polish i put a glitter or white design on the corner of the nail
What's an emo? Is it like a big bird that can't fly? think it's an emu.
nail polish is just that, nail polish. it does not matter who you are. wear it and wear it proud.
black nail polish is so trendy this season.

keep in mind.
def just for emos
I don't think black nail polish is only for emos. I use it too and I'm not emo.
its sooo not emo. and as long as all your clothes arent black with chains and your hair isnt some wacky color it wont look emo. i know a ton of girls as well as myself who wear black nail polish and it doesnt look emo at all. its mostly the preps who wear it too.
What about Goths man? And Punks? Let's talk Rockers right? Think about must be a prep for asking this question huh?
I am so not emo..but I wear black nail polish. It all depends on what you wear it with. If your clothes for that day are mostly black..then your nails are black, that would look emo.

But if you wear normal clothes with black is cool.
no i wear it hello don't be silly dint you see other people wear it that arnt emo
Actually I think that the black nail polish is ';IN'; right see almost all celebreties wearing it...I think is a nice trend - but then again you always get albeled for what you wear which sucks!!! but I luv it!
It is DEFINITELY acceptable for anyone to wear black nail polish if they like the look. You do NOT have to fit into that 'emo' sterotype'. Its actually becoming more fashionable recently. Trust me on this one. The best you can buy is Chanel in 'black satin'. Its a litlle more expensive, but SOOOO worth it. By the way, I generally consider myself more of the'preppy' type, and I love the look. Puts a little edge on my look. Hope this helps
no its acceptable, take for example celebrities who wear Chanel Vamp (in black)
anyone can wear any kind of nailpolish they want...
Of course not, anybody can wear black nail polish. Btw I think its great on nails...
no anyone can wear black nail polish
black is cool for any1
It's just a color. Emos and non- emos can wear it.
yes u can it an awesome color
Nail polish is nail polish... You can wear the rainbow on all your fingers and no one would care. Seriously
Why do you think its only for emos? emo is a state of mind and brand of music, it's not just about clothes and accessories. If you like black nail varnish wear it.
anyone can wear black nail polish! it looks very stylish, on anyone, even celebrities wear it. i personally don't find it looks very good on long nails though, keep them fairly short.
I'm not emo and I wear it all the time so does my friends and their not emo eather!

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