Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A good nail polish/base coat/top coat?

I have boys' hockey tryouts this weekend, and I want to paint my nails. But all the nail stuff I have peels off as soon as I have been on the ice for two hours sweating alot. Do you know any nail polish, or base coat, or top coat that wil not come off even when you sweat really bad? Please and thank you.A good nail polish/base coat/top coat?

OPI Natural Nail Base Coat (Step 1)

OPI Nail Envy (Original) (Step 2)

OPI Top Coat (Step 3)

**Apply one coat of each**

Develop 10 (Original Strengthening Formula) is also very good!A good nail polish/base coat/top coat?
If you play hard, the paint will come off no matter what. A good way to get good-looking nails without the mess is to:

Get a buffer and a white nail pencil. File your nails to a nice shape. Clean under the nails and use the white pencil to color the undersides. Then buff the tops of the nails until they are polished and shiny. It will make your nails look like they are naturally perfect.

As long as you are okay without color, this works like a charm. Save the color for weekends.
Sally Hansen all the way, it cost a little more, but it won't chip, Try Diamond Shine, this grew my real nails so long and strong!
Revlon has a new product called ColorStay. When I paint my nails normally, it chips off the next day. I painted them with ColorStay and they lasted FIVE days. This is unheard of for me, so I always use it now. I even bring it in when I'm getting a manicure because it lasts longer than Opi or Essie.

The thing is, its expensive, and they don't have the widest variety. But if you like it and it works, try the ColorStay lipstick -- stays on all night, I swear!
Why are you trying out for a boys' hockey team and wearing nail polish? If your trying out for a boys' team and wearing nail polish...ladies can you say ';wrong!'; No, No, No, this is a fashion faux paus!
i first put the nail polish ,i like then after you made it look cute,just put clear nail polish on it,then what you can do if it does not work,put bandges,so when you sweat,the sweat has to deal with the bandage then the clear nailpolish ,but if i 'm wrong i'm very sorry!
have u tried O.P.I
O.P.I is a great nail polish it doesn't peel even when I have been in the lake for 6 hours at a time. Try it you will love it.
I use a top coat called ';Seche Vite';, it's the best one around. I think you can find it at CVS.
I work out quite a bit and I love Opi it's great. Be sure to wipe your nails with acetone polish remover first to get the oil off. Then use bonder, polish, then 2 coats of topcoat. Be sure to put topcoat on the outer edge of your nail to seal it well so it doesn't chip as easily. Hope this helps. Good luck with your nails and your tryouts.
if u put more than two coats it will come off try doing atleast one or two.
OPI products are great.

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