Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Does nail polish remover weaken tips(nails)?

i want to paint my tips but i want to know if i should use nail polish remover or should i just paint over them?Does nail polish remover weaken tips(nails)?
I was told by my nail salon to use the non acetone polish removers. The acetone loosens the glue. My favorite remover comes in a jar with a built in sponge, you just dip each nail and rub against the sponge and it comes off quickly and not messy. But if you want to treat yourself, go to the salon and let them repolish them for you!Does nail polish remover weaken tips(nails)?
The acetone does weaken the nail and make them fall off. You can buy Non-Acetone nail polish remover. It should clearly say on the bottle 'non-acetone for artificial nails';. They sell it at walgreens, cvs, and basically any other store that sells nail supplies.
For nail tips u should use non-acetone polish remover. You can get it anywhere.
I always use polish remover. I don't like painting over because they don't look as nice. I feel that the remover does weaken the nails a little bit. I always use Sally Hansens ';Hard as Nails '; polish before painting a color on them. Makes nails stronger and less likely to break.
If you just want to change the polish, the remover is fine. That's what they use at the salon. It would only weaken them if you were soaking the tips in it.
no it just takes it off
Remove the existing nail polish. It will be easier to paint a new coat and it will come out smoother. For nail polish remover to weaken nails it has to be a really strong remover. So I think your good.
Nail polish remover will cause the tips to fall off faster. If you want to change the nail polish, go to the place you had them done and let them do it for you. If you paint over the polish on them it probably will not look that good
Most nail polish remover doesn't even take polish off. You should just paint over them for the hassle, but can buy the nail removal stuff.
go buy a non acetone nail polish remover, it is made for acrylic nails and tips, to safely remove nail polish with out harming the nail job. It costs about the same as regular polish and should be found in the same section as the regular kind at most walmarts, or drug stores
just paint them over thats what I do and it looks pretty and darker
i really don't think they matter.........

i would use a nail polish remover.

it won't look very good if you paint over them
i just paint it over the color. like the first girl. it really works out ok if you have an opaque white that you don't have to glob on.

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