Sunday, January 17, 2010

Do you like black nail polish?

I totally love black nail polish!!!!!!!Do you like black nail polish?
Yeah!! it looks sexy and it screams Goth!Do you like black nail polish?
I love it too!totally!
Oh no, but if you like it, that's fine.
yeah i like black nail polish =)
yehh im wearing now i think it looks smart i dont care if people thinks its emo becoz its not!!!!
I personally do not wear it, but maybe I am too old. But I think its looks great on others. Not just emo either
No, really dark enamel is very harsh on nails. It can cause a fungus. Then they'll be black for real, yuck!
yeah i like it. its a bit emo but it dosent rly matter
its ok, i have never worn it before.

:) :) :) :) :) :)
no emo
No, not really *
I love it. And to the one who answered no emo...take a look around, even alot of the stars (whom you prolly think is hot) where black nailpolish. I can't wore it on account of work, but it is my fav!!
Nahh..the colour's great but not for nail polish :P
I always loved black nailpolish before the whole stupid emo thing and i also love red and white :) o hot pink and orange too
no. i think it kinda looks dirty.

and un-femme.
I love it, but you have to keep your finger nails short, it looks weird with long nails and don't let it chip. That makes it look cheap and dirty. I don't think it looks emo unless you dress like an emo.
wearing it right now :)
It looks good if you keep your nails short with a good shape. Dark purple is cool sometimes too.
Every one has their own taste. I'm classy and stylish and black is more for the rebels. I like to go with the flow of a good fashion statement. Too each his own.
Stop hatin on black!!!

just because those emos an goths choose to wear dont mean its theirs!!! damn you people are dumb

if u wear pink nailpolish...does that mean youre a dumb ditzy bimbo?

I love how stupid people judge who u are by freaken nailpolish!!

its nailpolish!!!!! maybe the person wanted to wear black nailpolish..sheesh!!


and alot of women in hollywood wear it..they wear dark purple, dark red and who are u to judge?

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