Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why do people assume a guy is gay for wearing nail polish?

depends on what color, if its black, then your ether emo or goth, if its anything else, depend on who you are and what time of yearWhy do people assume a guy is gay for wearing nail polish?
if nails are long and have feminine colors, maybe so. but if nails are short and wears natural color, i don't think so.Why do people assume a guy is gay for wearing nail polish?
I dont, I've seen lots of those freaky, rocker boys wearing black nail polish, they look awful and dirty, but that's their style I suppose...I never thought that in order to like rock music and express your preference for it you had to wear such eccentric outfits and wear nail polish being a man, it looks stupid to me, some of them do not even get showers I believe, I know one at school whose smell annoys me, and those crazy nails, those ripped shoes...what a lack of common sense...
Uneducated people that don't know.

Musicians (guitarist) wears its usually clear or black depends if they're in a rock band or something like that. It protects their nails %26amp; keeps it strong. Male stars/celebrities have their nails manicured.

If its a bright color nail polish then maybe they are.
It's got me beat too...but it may have something to do with the mascara and stiletto heels that you trip around town in...You think ???
If it's black I don't assume that, but if it's bright pink with hearts painted on them I do.
It's not an assumption. It's playing the odds. Nearly all the guys I know that ever wear nail polish are gay.
i think that it is gay. very unattractive also. the thing that should be on as mans nails is probably clear. and just one coat so that it won't be to shiny.
WTF if it's clear that's okay nobody will notice but any other color is just...umm...IDK why a straight man would paint there fingernails unless you're a punk rocker or Emo
Because straight people with no emotional issues usually do not wear nail polish.
If it's an actual manicure I think it's a bit odd. Other than that no I don't assume they are gay.

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