Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's your favorite nail polish combination?

what are your fave colors to put together?

i like neon yellow white and bright blue (:What's your favorite nail polish combination?
like a hot purple, bright blue(not light blue), and blackWhat's your favorite nail polish combination?
Pink and lime green,pink and black,orange and yellow,green with white tips,pink and orange,pink and yellow!

Thats alot but I like em all!!
French manicure on my fingernails and bright or a slightly darker red on my toenails
probably deep purple and deep blue...kinda like dark purple and dark blue:)
I love gold nails with the black french tips.
a hot pink metallic and a black ( paink it black with pink starz)
i would say shiny pink and dark metalic purple! =)
Pink and black. %26lt;3
black and hot pink lol

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