Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's Your favorite nail polish COLOR ?

What's Your favorite nail polish COLOR ?

also, im running to the drug store soon to get some nail polish. I'm stuck choosing between burgendy (dark rubyish/red) or dark dark purple.

so what would say ?

dark dark red vs. dark dark purple ?What's Your favorite nail polish COLOR ?
Candy apple redWhat's Your favorite nail polish COLOR ?
well MY favorite color is a french manicure w/ a nude polish,

but for you, i would go with dark purple if your pale, and burgendy if your darker. :) it just seems like a better color scheme for skin %26amp; nail color. i personally like dark purple though because it's my favorite color.
favorite nail polish is purple..

there fore you should go

for the dark dark purple..

Why dont u just by both! And paint them aterativly ! Like one purple then one the reddy colour !

Hope i helped xD

Danii xx
dark dark purple
dark dark red
neon pink, neon yellow, neon green.

dark purple
mine is dark blue nail polish but i think u should get darkdark purple i have that one and it's pretty! :)
most def dark purple!

My favorite color is either neon pink or neon orange.

Dark dark red vs. Dark purple?

I'd have to say dark purple :)
dark dark purple ALL THE WAY
dark dark purple is what you should go for with a cute white and silver design
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