Friday, January 15, 2010

Whats a good color for nail polish for dark skin?

a light pinkish coral color with subtle sparkles. the color of that pops against the darker skin. and the sparkles are just cute. (:

probably for someone in teen years.

For adults, possibly a cream beige color, for a more elegant or special events. but a perywinkle or blue can be fun also and seem more playful.Whats a good color for nail polish for dark skin?
Look at deep roses and reds, plus maybe a purple. has a great service for free; it's called Try On This Color.

You can choose your skin tone, the nail length, and a lot of their famous colors, it works well (: It's also quite fun.Whats a good color for nail polish for dark skin?
depends, on what you are wearing ,is it for daytime ,night time an occasion ,neutrals are good for daytime ,then you can wear anything for nite time ,any colour
something bright like teal,orange,bright red, or anything neon to make the polish pop agaisnt the dark skin;鈥?/a>
Take a page from Rhianna's book and go neon or vibrant colors. Neon is making a major comeback thanks to Rhianna's unique and colorful style.
Bright colors yellows, oranges, and blues

orange, blue, pink.

answer mine ?;鈥?/a>
Use rich color tones like navy blue, red, black, magenta, dark green... or if your skin is a golden tan color use orange and yellow also!
bright colors like lime green, fiery red, hot pink, electric blue, bright purple or s regular purple or a nice pink would look really good.
Hot pink :)

Stand out!;鈥?/a>

What country am I from, pic!
a bright turqoise or you can't go wrong with a good old-fashioned french manicure...ever
bright, but warm colours like pink, orange and coral. Especially now summers coming up :D x
dark skin can get away with any colour. i would recommend bright colours (yellow, red, green, purple)
a bright color so it stands out.. even a pale pink. or whicked. i think it looks good on everyone haha
Red, it brings out the skin tone.
Wild Cherry
probably a light pink or ooooooh a pale green,,,,,,, ya!!!
purple looks gorgous on black people
pink , red even black or white
hot pink!! or red.but not black.
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