Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's the best red nail polish...?

That you can get without going to a salon?

And where did you get your polish at?

*I like polish with some sparkle or shiny coats*What's the best red nail polish...?
Rimmel London! They're make up is amazing! I use it all the time and people comment me on it.What's the best red nail polish...?
The sexiest one my gf has is OPI Big Apple Red
I love a color called 'Cherries in the Snow' it's by either Revlon or Loreal. after I put two good coats on, I let it dry completely then put a clear or 'top' any drug store. That color is a bright, slightly cool shade of RED!
theres this really pretty bold bright red that im not in love with and its really shiny too. its by ';petites'; or something.. at walmart. in the nail polish aisle, they have a whole row of them. its by the perfumes and face washes in the actual nail polishes aisle. its like $1.34. i love it! :]
Barry M is the best Nail varnish brand. Its bold, colourful and will stand out. It is very hard wearing as well. Make sure you put undercoat on though cus it will stain your nails a tiny bit.

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