Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What nail polish do you use ?

Brand and color ?What nail polish do you use ?
Milani Purple...its gorgeous! I get alot of compliments on itWhat nail polish do you use ?
maybelline and I can't read the color name it's hot pink
OPI- multiple colors


I usually wear black nail polish and have two bottles, one is Stargazer and the other Collection 2000 Maxiflex. Generally most nail polish you can get in a drugstore is pretty good quality and lasts long so I don't bother with exact brands. I just buy the shades or colours that I like, which includes blues and purples.
Maybelline in Blackout, or whatever the colour's called. It's black.

And NYC Top Coat (Clear).
i use a lot of different colors and different things on them

N.Y.C-Any color love them all

Petites-I love the silver
Same as Smitty
Revlon. Cherries in the Snow %26amp; Passion Punch Pink are my favorites.
opi, I have lots of different colors but my favorite is malaga wine
I usually use either white or a light pink. Also I use red around Christmas time.
wet n wild....bright colors!
OPI-mulitiple colors and sometimes essie nail polish-mulitiple colors
i use OPI and Sally Hansens

i like opi's red/pink colours

and i like this one from sally hansens hard as nails called party time..itslike a silvery color

i like french manicures too..they have sets almost anywhere

i like almost all pinks hot neon lights

neutral colors from OPI are ok

go to www.opi.com and go to nail lacqueres

and chose the colors HOPE I HELPED!
China glaze, burn out Betty
mostly orange shades..... dif. brands

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