Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What nail polish color do guys like the most?

all depends on the length but I think that over-all if you want to get married go for clear / french manicure...if just looking to hook up for one time thing go for waitress red.What nail polish color do guys like the most?
black/dark is best

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What nail polish color do guys like the most?
im a guy ok i like HOT pink,, light red, peachy color, and stuff like that black means goth to me not that sexy
for girls: pink or blue

or a peachy color
I think that they like girly colors like pink!I don't think they like goth colors, cuz I think it mgiht creep them out!
they like the colors that complement your skin like light skin with light colors and dark with dark
Black. Some people think it looks goth but I think it's hot but not if it's chipped and not well painted.
Well, if they like nail polish, red is a ver sexy color. But something that looks good against your skin.
I am a guy, and I actually do not like nail polish on girls. I think that they look better without it. Just stating my opinion. Bye!!!
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