Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nail Polish Questions And More?

A} What is your favorite brand of nail polish

B) Favorite color nail polish

C) What color are you wearing right nowNail Polish Questions And More?
A) Not sure.. ones that dry fast and don't blot..

B) Dark red

C) Pale shiny pink.

(I should find my camera cord, I'd send a photo of my hands xD)Nail Polish Questions And More?
My fave ever polish is Orlane but its too expensive so my favourite overall brand is Sally Hansen, good coverage, great performance, decent price

Favourite colour...colours, I can't choose one, the Sally Hansen Chrome and Magical Collections

I'm wearing a C2000 pink/gold maybe but its been on for 5 days so far without chipping
Hey Jess...good to see you after so long:)

ok, A) Fav current brand - ORLY

B) Fav color... right now, plum / deep violet

C) Just removed my polish today! Will put one on maybe tomorrow. I was wearing this rose shade from ORLY.

take care:)
A) not sure, I haven't found a very good long-lasting one

B) navy blue, cherry red, black and plain manicure

C) nothing at the moment

Thanks for answering my question btw :)
Jessica you are obsessed with hands :) I have been reading your blog.


B) Red

C) I will send you a picture in a minute, don't drool, lol.
A) OPI %26amp; Maybelline

B) I'm Not Really a Waitress (OPI)

C) Clear - needing to paint them!
A) not sure,

B) navy blue

C) navy blueeee
A) Misa

B) NARS Zulu

C) OPI Baby It's Coal Outside.
a. dont have one.

b. black.

c. black
any kind


ruby red


my fav brand is: NYC %26amp; LOVE MY NAILS

my fav color: black

wearing: BLACK
A) wet n wild

B)depends on my outfit

C) i have a french manicure
I would have to say Maybelline

My favourite is pink

I am not wearing any right now
1. That's tough... but I like Mary Kay

2. Lime Green

3. Purple!

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