Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nail polish on acrilic nails?

can u put nail polish on acrilic nails like a french manicure aand use nail polish removr on them?? without ruining them?Nail polish on acrilic nails?
It's best to go to the nail salon, they will do a polish change for like 3$ - 5$Nail polish on acrilic nails?
i have my nails acrylic and i went to the shop to get them done, i have them done like a french manicure but not with the typical colors because i didnt want to look boring. So i got pink and purple tip. They came out cute. I havent tried to remove the polish yet cause i dont want to mess anything up and have my hands looking a mess so i think i will just let the nailery do it
if you have a steady hand. i do it all the time. i usually apply glitter nail polish on the tips. and people go crazy for that and always ask me to do thier nails. use non acetone nail polish remover and avoid reds, and also make sure you use a base coat first so you don't stain the nails.
You can paint them, but remove the polish with a non-acetone remover. Acetone nail polish remover will soften and break down the acrylic.

go to a nail salon thats better
it'll make them look ugly
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