Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nail polish issues, what am I doing wrong?

my nail polish dried all bubbly. I took it off and tried again, and it did the same thing. How can I stop that from happening? am I doing something wrong or does the nail polish just suck? thanks guysNail polish issues, what am I doing wrong?
Whatever you do, don't shake the bottle. When you shake the bottle you're creating air bubbles! Instead of shaking, just turn the bottle over and roll in slowly between your hands. Then, when you apply, do thin coats and wait for them to dry in between. Also, don't add nail polish remover to you polish of it will be more likely to chip and flake.Nail polish issues, what am I doing wrong?
its bad nail polish. Try adding a little bit of nail polish remover to the polish and shake it up until it is a liquid consistency again. If it still bubbles, clean and file your nails. Apply a clear coat then repaint them. If it still doenst work, its faulty polish.
I always shake the nail polish bottle before applying it. Try that. If this doesn't help, its probably just bad nail polish.
Either the nail polish is messed up or you're not making sure it's smooth and evened out before it dries.
You're probably putting a coat on top of a coat that isn't dry yet. You need to let each coat dry a bit before applying another coat.
ethir it is you not shaking the bottle or the polish is messed try somthing like opi
bad polish foe sho.

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