Friday, January 15, 2010

Nail Polish and Make Remover?

What is the best kind of nail polish to make make your nails stronger so they don't break as easy. And what is the best type of makeup remover.Nail Polish and Make Remover?
Sally Hansen HARD AS NAILS.

NYC if you need something cheap.

Neutrogena Gentle Cleanser. Removes makeup so well, and washes your whole face of dirt.

Cheers :) !Nail Polish and Make Remover?
I definitely agree that Sally Hansen Hard as Diamonds or Nails or whatever it is is good for making your nails stronger. But if you're looking for overall quality, I'd go with NYC because it's hella cheap, the brush is amazing, and the color is really smooth. Usually, though, I'd go with Chanel Nail Lacquer just because the colors are so much richer.

For makeup remover, it definitely depends. An overall good makeup remover is that purple bottle Clinque stuff. It's not that expensive, and there's no alcohol. But for eye makeup, I'd use the blue bottle Nivea Visage stuff.

I hope that helped! :)
try almay make up remover
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