Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My nail polish wont stay on?

I have tried heaps of different brands, from really expensive ones to the really dodgy cheapo ones. I use a base coat and a top coat and i always make sure my nails are clean and dry before i start. Even when i get them professionally done it still peels off after a day. Could it be caused from something in my diet?My nail polish wont stay on?
Someone told me you should buff your nails before you paint them.. so they are a little rough, so the nail polish sticks easier. I have the same problem though.My nail polish wont stay on?
Unfortunately, nail polish chipping is something that happens no matter what brand or what you do to your nails. I recommend a high quality base coat, such as Orly Bonder basecoat. Do two-three coats of the colored polish and top with your topcoat of choice. This may not be your thing, but I've found that glittery nail polishes tend to have the longest wear time. Because they're textured they just seem to bond more to the nail and last much longer. That might not be your thing, but it's a suggestion :)……
I have the same issue because of the flimsiness of my nails- they bend every time I knock them against something while the polish stays rigid and so comes away from the nail. I found using a nail hardener for a month or so really helped (I used OPI Nail Envy)
try putting clear nail polish over it as a shield

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