Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is black nail polish neutral?

I go to this high strung private school. In our appearance guide it says that only clear, neutral, or subtle are acceptable polishes to wear. So I got a black tipped French Manicure thinking that I would be able to wear it. However once I got to school I was scolded and asked to remove it. I explained that black was a neutral color and that I wouldn't remove it, so they called my mom and sent me home. Does anyone have any reputable sites that I could use as back up to explain myself, or am I just in the wrong from the beginning?Is black nail polish neutral?
As far as I know white, beige, light pink, clear creme, %26amp; off white are neutrals. Did they say you can't get a french manicure? That may be why you were asked to remove it. Was it possibly the lenght of your nails? I know in Europe my friends have to keep their nails short or else they will get scolded. Try to explain calmy to your mom and the teacher/principle that it was a mistake on your part. You thought that small amounts of black are acceptable. They did not say you weren't allowed to have decals or designs on your nails. So try telling them that. If they say ';Black isn't neutral, you can't have decals, etc'; just say I'm sorry, I didn't know that ___ isn't acceptable. I won't happen again. If you show your sorry and you mean it, you won't be in as much trouble or even in none at all.Is black nail polish neutral?
if you payed for a manicure and went to school w/ it and they said to take it off, im sorry but that is really ridiculous. technically yes black IS a neutral. although at the same time on nails it kind of does make a statement. what is up w/ privet schools. no offense but i think you should let the kids make a statement. its like they don't want the kids to be themselves which then all adults are always like just be yourself. it seems very hippo critical.
Sorry, you're wrong.

I know why you were thinking that black was a neutral, we usually wear black as if it were neutral. But it's not. Just apologize if necessary, say you really thought it was OK, but now you understand it isn't. End of problem.

No need to make the proverbial mountain out of a molehill. = )

You gotta know to when to fight and when to back down. Now is back down time.

Good luck!
By neutral, they mean colors that are similar to your skin tone and not too far off. I think you misunderstood this because i do see your point about black being neutral. I don't know any sites that can say black is a neutral color but i'd suggest wearing white, pale pink, clear pink, or clear brownish shades of nail polish.

Best of luck

Sorry... black is not a neutral color. It's dark... neutral would be white, clear, beige, lt. gray lighter colors... black is like with navy and maroon.
nope. black isn't neutral. sorry! browns would be neutral, even a chocolate brown or a dark brown i think. or maybe a pale pink thats very light... but idk
black is not neutral. I think what they mean is like a classic french manicure, or nude type colours.
black is not neutral . sorry .
No black and white are shades not colours.

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