Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Howhow can you get nail polish out of cloths ?

what it is i have got nail polish on a couple of my cloths can sum1 helpHowhow can you get nail polish out of cloths ?
Pour nail polish remover into a small bowl. Make sure you have the bowl sitting on something that will protect your a large sheet of aluminum foil.

Dunk the affected areas of your clothes into the bowl and let them just soak in the nail polish remover for at least a half an hour. The nail polish should waft away.

Then launder your clothes as usual.Howhow can you get nail polish out of cloths ?
You should be aware that nail polish remover may effect the color of the fabric where you use it. You should color test your fabric before using this or any other caustic chemical. First, dip a q-tip in your cleaner and dab it on a spot no one will see on your fabric and see how it reacts. Does it lighten the color? Leave a bleached spot?

This will be true of any strong chemical: gasoline, paint thinner, anything.

(It it's fresh, paint thinner might work--could still lighten color, though!)

Also any harsh abrasives could leave light spots also or leave a rubbed, pilled spot on the fabric.

Whatever suggestion you try, just be aware of these things.

Really, the best thing would be to wear something protective over your clothing whenever you're handling fingernail polish and avoid the problem! (And keep your hands still until completely dry!)
You can try this stuff call GooGone I believe you can by it at Wal-Mart,Lowes,or Home Depot. Its brings out ink,gum, a lot of stuff. I always use the small bottle. Hope this helps
wash it really hot first and then

scrub it with something rough like iron wool

or even sandpaper

i have 3 little sisters
you pick up the bottle up off the clothes duh...

just kidding you might want to try gasoline to see if that will dissolve it
nail polish remover???
white vinager

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