Friday, January 15, 2010

Does black nail polish cause cancer?

i was buying soda and the checkout girl told me you know black nail polish causes cancer. is that true? should i take it off?

thanks -lolaDoes black nail polish cause cancer?
She was jus punkin you cause she doesn't like black nail polish...

Won't cause cancer any more than any other nail polish.

All nail polishes use organic solvents which are a cancer risk... more than, say, water.Does black nail polish cause cancer?
No, of course it doesn't. However, although it is very fashionable, if you have had cancer you sometimes wonder why people paint their nails this colour - to those who have had cancer it is a reminder to what can happen as side effects of cancer drugs.

As a cancer survivor, I prefer nail colours that remind me of happier things - cheerful pink or coral perhaps!

Verite R
In my opinion,NO!

Why black is the only colour which causes cancer?

And there aren't reports seen that black colour nail polish causes cancer!

but read this article!

its all about the nail polish's side-effects鈥?/a>
Relax, that is not true. That's ridiculous. There is no way nail polish of any kind could cause cancer. She was probably just trying to be funny, or maybe she's just really stupid.
HAHAHAHA!!! That is a new one for me. She was probably just some ignorant conservative. If that is true, then EVERY nail polish would cause cancer, not just black.
ROFL . Pink , red , blue, purple, BLACK - Nailpolish. All the same. If pink nail polish doesnt cause cancer, than black wont either :)
No, of course not!!! The checkout girl was probably just kidding.

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