Sunday, January 17, 2010

Do you like yellow nail polish?

I do, what about you? Hot or NotDo you like yellow nail polish?

I have some.

and I love it.

but try a bright yellow

fungus yellow is a no-no.Do you like yellow nail polish?
ehh no. i've ALWAYS avoided yellow. i've worn it ONCE for like a couple hours but it looks like rotten fingernails. unless its like a different kind of yellow like fun for summer. try it out and see how you like it!

i think colors like purple and black are in

and no blacks not totally emo. i watch a lot of fashion shows and what not to wear and stacey london wears black polish a lot
Um it depends on the shade of yellow. i have some neon yellow that rocks. if its like... gold yellow then NO. Also it should match w. ur shirt.
like ya totally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) it is so hot as long as it isn't like mustard or total neon! pay no attention to those people that said not they r wrong
No I don't. It makes the person wearing it look like their liver isn't working properly
I loveee yellow nail polish!!!its my favorite!! who cares if other people dont like it!theyre not the ones wearing it:D
depends on who...generally not
OMG hot!

this season pastels are more in.

not bright-blow-ur-face-off-yellow
as long as it matches:))
hot as long as it's not like yellow fungus
ohhh soo hotttt!!!

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