Sunday, January 17, 2010

Do you like black nail polish?

on girlsDo you like black nail polish?
noDo you like black nail polish?
if decorated with diamonds and such to look glamourous...not the emo type pls.... i prefer red.. i didnt know that until i realized i have about 7-10 different shades of red in my vanity..
im a girl and i like to wear it.
I think clear or pink is better.
I do! Let me let you ladies in on a little secret: guys like things simple, beautiful, and classy. That doesn't mean they won't like you if you wear it but...they just don't care! We try toooo hard and most things we do, they either a. don't like or b. just don't care about! Just live and be as healthy and as natually beautiful (inside and out) as God would have us to be.
Yes i do one simple reason it looks gr8 on my feet dunno about others :)
Hmm.. Really, it depends on how the black nailpolish is mixing with your outfit.

Say you were wearing a pink tank top with a little black jacket. In this case, the black is just used as a matching accent color and looks great!

However, if it doesn't go with your outfit at all, You might be misinterpreted as ';emo'; or ';gothic';. Try taping your nails off and doing half black and half white or something! It's super cute, and isn't very time consuming!
Yes, it looks good on guys as well as long as it's applied smoothly and not chipped or smudged.
I always wear black nail polish. I love it.
No! It used to be something that only Goth's wore, and now that it's being worn by Paris, Lindsay,'re going to tell me it's trendy and cool looking?!! Yeah right!

Just goes to show that some people have no taste or originality and can only follow trends.
No, I think black nail polish is ugly.
Yeah, although I haven't yet polished my nails black, I do like seeing other females with black nail polish.
if u ask me yes,but is it's up to u, some people do and some don't coz we have different likes

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