Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can a 15 year old buy nail polish?

I was curiosu with all the laws of liquids and etcCan a 15 year old buy nail polish?
of course :)Can a 15 year old buy nail polish?
it's kinda a duh!
No idea what you are talking about, of course you can buy nail polish!
yes they can (:
Yepp. ^-^
cant believe you even asked this... of course you can
look it up or ask ur city hall. i think the liquid law applies to alcohol and energy drinks hehe. im pretty sure u can buy nail polish. i use to buy nail polish when i was 9 by myself. go for sinful nail polish or OPI. i tend to get the best all over color from those brands.
uhh yea.

like a 3 year old can buy nail polish.
i am 99.99999 percent sure the only laws concerning liquids are alcohol certain energy drinks and the aeroplane liquid laws. anyone can buy nail polish
Er..Yeah...Why wouldn't you be able too?

I don't think you're gonna huff it lmfao.

I do'nt think they think you are either.

Hope you're not, that's kinda lame.
yes ya can!! you can buy any color but be very careful cause some can be a hazard!!!!
it's kinda a duh!
Um yes! i mean come on its nail polish!
I don't think it's a dumb question. Nail polish contains toluene and while I don't think it's the same ingredient as what's in airplane glue, it could be considered hazardous.

Maybe if you tried to buy like 25 bottles of nail polish someone might be curious? Anyway, you've got your answer from lots of people. It's yes!

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