Sunday, January 17, 2010

Black nail polish ok for a wedding?

so im getting married and my bridesmaid's dresses are red with a black sash around the waist. i want them to wear black nail polish. is this crazy? i think its classy and would work well with the dresses. they think its gothic..? i don't! just looking for some opinionsBlack nail polish ok for a wedding?

.Black nail polish ok for a wedding?
It's your wedding, you can do whatever you want. My Niece had hers and her girls painted in a french manicure style, color coordinating with the colors. She had pink nails with a black tip, and her girls had black with a pink tip. Looked really sharp. I think red and black either way would look good, different.
It is definitely classy, however each bridesmaid must wear it the right way, or else they will look gothic. Their nails need to be trimmed very short (Do not extend above the finger) Make sure more than one coat is applied with full coverage (you may want a professional) Then, make sure a coat of clear polish is applied for shine.

This wedding sounds amazing!

Hope I could Help! :)
I don't like the idea personally but so long as you like it I guess it doesn't really matter. Hopefully they all have longish nails. I would recommend you ask them not to wear any bracelets with this look though.

I agree with the above too. French tip or black (sparkle) tip would probably be the safest way to get the look you like.
I did the nails for a bridal party where the bridesmaids wore black dresses and something that I think is more classy would be acrylic or gel nails with black tips. The black wouldn't be so overpowering and wouldn't look so ';young,'; at least in my professional opinion.
Just my opinion but I wouldn't do it. Black nail polish is a trend and while you think it looks great now, some day you're probably gonna look at your wedding pictures and wonder 'what was I thinking??'

But then again it's your wedding so do what makes you happy. : )
That is not gothic because it’s like saying wearing hot pink heels for your wedding is too girlish which isn’t, I think you should go for it and paint your nails black and wear the hottest black heels if you want [ REMEMBER: it your wedding not your bridesmaid's]
i think it would look perfectly fine, as it goes with the dress, but if they have a problem with it make them wear red instead, but should be fine

its your wedding so your bridesmaids should do as they are told
Thats awesome actually it shows ur an idividual and that u have great style great!!!
I think it would probably look cute. It IS your wedding. And if all else fails, try red!
No it's fine. It's your wedding!

and i guess black nail polish is ';in'; so it will be fashionable

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