Sunday, January 17, 2010

Black Nail Polish--Alternative to the new Chanel #219?

The new chanel limited edition nail polish #219 is basically selling out, and it is on websites to sell but for very outrageous prices. My question is does anyone have any alternatives to buy a good black nail polish? I did find cover girl beyond nail polish in midnight magic, it is a very dark color, almost black, but has a blue undertone to it. But would like to find another black polish to wear. Thank you--SheilaBlack Nail Polish--Alternative to the new Chanel #219?
I watched E! News and they are raving about the new Chanel black polish. They said that an alternative is Wet n' Wild's black polish b/c it was nearly impossible to get the Chanel one. I know Wet n' Wild is super cheap and we all wore it in the 6th grade but if they recommended it, I鈥檇 try it.Black Nail Polish--Alternative to the new Chanel #219?
i love black fingernail polish, i am no where near gothic. i am a varsity cheerleader, and i dress up everyday. Black nail polish doesnt have to be gothic, it's sexy if you make it that way.

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Don't get any halloween ones. They peel super fast. As does the Morbid brand. At the moment, I'm using NYC, but it didn't really come out black(after two coats) it's more grey. I just went and looked at the older ones I have, Petites by Scherer is pretty good. However, my favorite, which works REALLY good, is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear. I went a week of wearing them(with two coats) and it didn't chip at all. :]

Good luck! %26lt;3
i 鈾?black nail polish, im wearing it right now, (and im NOT goth)
Sinful Colors #2 Black on Black.

I found it at Meijer, and you're not going to find a blacker black. It also wears pretty good and it wasn't really expensive.
I would think black nail polish would be very easy to find at this time (depending on where you live) since halloween stock is out in drug stores, markets and then there's the halloween stores as well. I'd go local retail for this by calling stores from your local directory and stock up.

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