Saturday, December 26, 2009

What is THE BEST nail polish color?

i have very fair skin, shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, what colors are in style right now, and would match well with me??

thanks : )What is THE BEST nail polish color?
a bronzy orange colour, or a lavender purple colour. I also would HIGHLY suggest a pale pinkish-brown caramel colour. just put on 1 clear coat (to protect your nails), then the colour coat (well, for the colour ';-__-), and another clear coat (for the shine).What is THE BEST nail polish color?
I think green or red would work for you. but not too bold. Just one, maybe two coats should work.
A dark red, (think chanel vamp), make sure your nails aren't extremely long.
Lime green %26amp; HOT pink! I think pink woulden't look bad on you!!
black white and red are in right now

and i think any of them would look great on u
white or light pink

i think both of those are always cute

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